The Sunday Sip – Episode 2

Transition Planning for adolescents with special needs – The Sunday Sip – Episode 2


We are back with Sunday Sip!

This time we have planned for a very interesting meet and the topic of discussion is “Transition Planning for Adolescents with Special Needs”.

This meet is all the more special as it will be facilitated by Ms. Sarbani Mallick of Bubbles Center for Autism.

It is going to be held on 3rd September, Sunday from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.


It is a full-day event with lots of discussions and exercises.


Ishanya India Foundation (IIF) is a Centre for Individuals with Special Needs working in the space of neurodevelopmental disabilities – Read More


The Living Library

  On the occasion of International day for persons with disabilities, Ishanya India Foundation hosted a unique event called the

TR internship phase 2

Phase 1 of the internship at Thomson Reuters gave the candidates a real-life experience of what it means to perform