TR internship phase 2

Phase 1 of the internship at Thomson Reuters gave the candidates a real-life experience of what it means to perform professional tasks, interact with co-workers, understand deadlines, and take home salary. It was an interesting journey for us as it gave us an opportunity to test our training modules, to adopt a case-by-case approach to understand what each candidate would need to be independent and empowered.


We got practical experience with handling various challenges (technical, emotional, behavioral, communication) that an individual with a disability might face when put in a real-life work situation and got an opportunity to work out various strategies. This experience of the internship program with Thomson Reuters has not only given us a better understanding of the whole process but also the right approach for inclusive recruitment.


Here is an inspiring testimonial from one of our candidates from phase 1:


Thank you for providing your support to me in this grand opportunity to learn and get a basic idea in a working environment through this training program. I particularly loved the way all of you made it interactive so we could communicate and understand each other.


It was also a well-structured program with each session taking place related to a particular topic like “Working with Quality”, “Improvement with Performance Feedback”, “Understanding the value of trust”, “Analytical Skills”, “Writing and composing an email” which gave me, in particular, a new perspective on how to carry out day to day activities especially while working in a company as well an open discussion afterward to show our understanding of the following topics.


I do feel very sad that this session will come to an end but as we all say “All Good Things must come to an end”. I will never forget the lessons that were taught to us and I will take it forward as I move towards the future.


Thank you all for everything. I am grateful. – Rajarshi Roy


We are now in the process of onboarding new candidates to phase 2 of the internship.


New batch, New Candidates, New learnings! – We are looking forward to an exciting journey ahead


If you are the parent/guardian of an individual with a neurodevelopmental disability & looking to train or seeking employment for them, get in touch with us. We may be able to assist you in finding relevant employment or suggest the right training to make them job-ready.


Ishanya India Foundation (IIF) is a Centre for Individuals with Special Needs working in the space of neurodevelopmental disabilities – Read More


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