Age group: 5 years+

Siddhi our 1:1 remedial program was created to provide individualized attention to individuals who may not benefit from a group program.


We employ an eclectic approach during this one-on-one session, keeping in mind the various unique needs and abilities of each child. An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed to focus on the improvement and enhancement of various skill areas.


We presently offer remedial support in the following areas:


skill areas

Readiness Skills


Cognitive Functioning: memory, problem-solving skills, reasoning skills, visual perception & discrimination, and other faculties that promote relevant cognitive awareness


Communication Skills: receptive skills, expressive skills, & apps for communication development


Pre-Academic Skills: reading, comprehension, writing & math skills


General awareness 

Age group: 16 years+

We have a 1:1 remedial program for adolescents & Adults as well


Computer-assisted technology is an effective & efficient tool in bridging gaps in learning & enhancing the quality and relevance of learning. An eclectic approach and other research-based practices are incorporated during these one-on-one sessions, keeping in mind the various unique needs and abilities of each adolescent/ adult.


We offer technology-assisted intervention in the following skill areas:

skill areas

Cognitive Functioning: To improve the working & higher executive functioning


Communication Skills: Receptive skills, expressive skills & apps for communication development

Reading and Comprehension

Functional Math Skills


Socio-Emotional Development