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Samvad is a program that gives an opportunity to our students to experience and interact with people from various walks of life. This is an interactive session that is conducted on the last Friday of every month.

We invite Entrepreneurs, business owners & professionals from various industries to come & talk to our students & share their professional & personal experiences

past samvad events

we would love for you to be a part of this…

If you are an  Entrepreneurs, a business owner, a professional… if you have an interesting job, or if you have been a part of a life-changing project, or if you are just a great storyteller & would love to share your knowledge/experience with differently-abled individuals, please write to us – we would love to host you for a talk!


We are always looking for like-minded individuals with fresh ideas to talk to –  you never know, how you may end up inspiring a differently-abled individual & change his/her life forever


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