disability is
the inability to
see ability

If you are the parent of a differently-abled individual & are looking to get the right intervention – Schedule an appointment with us, we can help you make the right decision!

Ishanya Means North East

‘ISHANYA’  meaning “North-East”

Is the direction that symbolically represents Education, Knowledge, & Growth

About Us

Ishanya India Foundation (IIF) is a not-for-profit organization established in the year 2015 with the intention to train and empower persons with disabilities (PWDs)


In the past few years, IIF has established itself as a renowned name in the disability sector by providing a wide range of services catering to individuals with different diagnoses and varied age groups.


Our team of therapists and educators is dedicated to leveraging the potential of each individual who comes to us & is constantly working towards finding new & innovative ways to engage them & help them become the best versions of themselves.

TCS 10k

Ishanya India Foundation (IIF) is participating in the TCS 10K 2022 event to raise funds for project SAMARTHYA – a capacity-building initiative for educators, caregivers & grass-root workers of rural Karnataka

Be a Champion!

IRC Logo

IRC Kalaangana Award Ceremony

Yesterday our educator Harshita and our student Aditya were honored at the IRC Kalaangana award ceremony


Living Library

The Living Library

On the occasion of International day for persons with disabilities, IIF hosted a unique event called the Living Library at URU

TR Internship Phase 2

TR internship phase 2

New batch, New Candidates, New learnings. We started the job-specific training for the new set of candidates

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Our programs are created keeping technology in mind. It’s easy to teach, it’s easy to use & easy to learn, most importantly, Technology is here to stay!


In the recent past, It has helped us remove the barrier of distance and space & reinforced our faith as a medium to teach.


Want to know more about how we are using Design & Technology as a medium to train our students?

Technology for All



looking to keep your child engaged at Home?

If you are the parent of a child with a neurodevelopmental disability & if everyday online/offline sessions are not an option for you, then explore our Home program


  • Lesson plans are tailor-made for each individual
  • Parents/guardians can work with the child at your convenience
  • Weekly/fortnightly catchup to monitor the progress

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