Volunteers & Interns

We believe in the idea of

“collective action!”

Meet new people, learn a new skill, teach us what you know… be part of an initiative that can change someone’s life for the better!


Volunteers & Interns

The power of “We”


We want to thank you for considering volunteering with us. We are always looking for like-minded individuals to work with. Here are some examples of volunteering opportunities available with us:


  • Resource development – Hands-on & Digital  (Worksheets for sessions, Flashcards, videos, etc…)
  • Creating content for our social media & website
  • Write  Blogs, articles, create online resources that can help the special needs community
  • Be a shadow teacher and assist the educators during the sessions
  • Create content for our sensitization/awareness workshops & other training sessions
  • Train our students, help them acquire a specific skill 

These are just some of the examples of what you can do. If there is some other specific way you are looking to contribute, please let us know & we will be happy to look into it.


An internship at Ishanya gives you an opportunity to understand the working of an organization & also helps you to get an insight into the special needs community. It’s a great place to learn & contribute at the same time.


Depending on your area of interest & our current requirement, you can be part of –  our day-to-day operations, specific programs or intervention, accounting, fundraising, resource development, content & communication, social media & collaborations. 

Who can apply for Internship programs?


  • Students
  • Freshers who have completed their degree & are looking to gain some organizational experience
  • Individuals who were on a break & would like to restart their career (both men and women)
  • Individuals who are looking to contribute to the special needs community

Guidelines for Internship:


  • There is no minimum duration for the internship, however, the same needs to be discussed beforehand & individuals should adhere to the same
  • If internships are school/college mandated or for any other academic purpose, you will need to produce a formal letter from the institution or student counselor 
  • Individuals will need to discuss the exact day to day availability and adhere to the time & task completion guidelines

Internship Benefits


Internship completion certificate

Letter of recommendation depending on how you performed


If you are interested in either volunteering or Interning at IIF, Please fill the form below.