The Living Library

Living Library


On the occasion of International day for persons with disabilities, Ishanya India Foundation hosted a unique event called the Living Library at Uru Brewpark.


As part of this event we had 6 of our beneficiaries, 5 of whom are employed in various organizations, and one student who has recently started her blog, interact with people & talk about their life experiences. It gave them an opportunity to have an open discussion with people from various walks of life, listen to their stories, and make some new connections along the way. 


What is a Living Library”?


The “Living Library” is a unique event that brings together people who have special interests, beliefs, or experiences to share their personal stories with people from different backgrounds. This event aims to address people’s prejudices by helping them get an opportunity to interact with People with Neurodiversity, something they may not normally experience in their daily lives. 



Voices from human books: 


I had a very good experience participating in the living library event by Ishanya India Foundation. I felt very happy when there were a lot of people who wanted to know about my journey.

I met parents, teachers and some other people. We discussed my experiences of working in a multinational media company, favorite food, travel etc. I also met my friends there. I liked the restaurant where the event was held.

Naman Somani


December 3 is celebrated the World over as the International day of disability. Events are organized by different stakeholders in the space to commemorate the day. One thing that stands out is the fact that the events end up having minimal participation of people with disabilities. I however was a part of an event called the Living Library curated by Ishanya India Foundation, where people on the autism spectrum were invited for an informal interaction where we could share our experiences on the path to success. I was delighted with the fact that my journey with Avaz and modest success with blogging was showcased. My social anxiety prevented me from interacting much, but I thought that it was a good event. The informal outdoor space and environment ensured a seamless Interactive experience for the Participants. What stood out the most was the fact that the event celebrated the success of people of my tribe reiterating the fact that we are just different and not less. I think the event succeeded in giving visitors some food for thought


Aditi Sowmiyanarayan


Ishanya India Foundation (IIF) is a Centre for Individuals with Special Needs working in the space of neurodevelopmental disabilities – Read More


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