Peer support group

We believe in the idea of

“Connecting people”

Peer-Support Group, an initiative started by Ishanya India Foundation along with the M1000 collective for working professionals with neurodiversity.


As working professionals, we all seek support from our peers at one time or another. We exchange ideas, discuss solutions to problems & even build/create new things at times. As more & more companies are coming forward to employ individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities, we felt that this was the right time to start a group for people with NDDs 


The objective of this support group is to:


  • Create a safe space for dialogues & discussions
  • Talk about the various challenges they may be going through
  • Receive support from others who may have had the same experiences
  • Learn coping strategies for personal and professional matters
  • Most importantly, make new friends and have a sense of belonging

As Peer Specialists, we want to advocate for & motivate individuals who are neurodiverse to achieve their personal and professional goals and connect them to different people, resources, and support functions.


We believe that these individuals can have a sense of autonomy and self-empowerment when they are able to direct their own life choices and we are working towards enabling that through this group.

Peer Support


Members &











Any Individual who:


  • Is older than 18 years 
  • Has a neurodevelopmental disability &
  • Is presently working in any company or organization

Since the Peer Support Group was formed during the Covid pandemic, all the meetings so far have been conducted online, however going forward, depending on the group's decision, meetings may be conducted both online & in person.

YES! - The idea is to create a support group for working professionals without boundaries.


So, you can join the group & attend online meetings & keep in touch with your peers & if you ever travel or relocate to Bangalore, you can be part of the in-person meetings.

Please fill out the Join PSG form below & we will get back to you with the process to join the group.

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If you are an individual with a Neurodevelopmental disability & is presently employed, then fill in the form below to get an invite to be part of the group