Program Manager

Skills, Vocational & 1:1 Remedials


Full time


As a Program Manager, you will be leading our Skills, Vocational & Remedials programs & reporting to the Director. You will look at the overall functioning, development & improvement of the programs you are assigned to, reviewing reports, managing first interaction with new students/parents, & overall team management.


You will also be conducting training programs, workshops and take on a few 1:1 remedial sessions.


You will be responsible for:


  • Reviewing existing program curriculum & updating the same as & when needed
  • Monitor day to day functioning of the programs
  • Mentoring team members/educators/interns
  • Reviewing existing worksheets, periodically add new ones, coming up with new & innovative methods of teaching
  • Conducting first interactions & assessments with new students & work with parents to suggest relevant programs
  • Periodically monitor sessions & give inputs/feedback to fellow educators
  • Conduct placement training sessions for individuals from the vocational training program
  • Get periodic feedback from educators about ongoing sessions for each of the student & monitor the progress
  • Collaborate with members from other organizations for ongoing projects & work towards new collaborations & engagements
  • Reviewing student reports created by educators, giving feedback, and sharing the same with the parents
  • Conduct parent/educator meetings and work towards strategies for the overall development of the individual
  • Post-placement support to individuals once they get selected for internship programs / full-time job opportunities
  • Conducting team meetings & overall team management
  • Handle a few remedial 1:1 cases (Training, IEP’s, reports)

The ideal candidate would have:


  • 2-3 years of teaching experience as a special educator
  • Great communication & interpersonal skills 
  • Good multi-tasking abilities & organizational skills 
  • A patient listener & problem solver
  • A genuine urge & enthusiasm to empower individuals & help them be the best version of themselves





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