Associate – Fundraising &  Corporate Engagement

Donor Relation, Corporate Comm, Project management


Full time


We are looking for an experienced Fundraising and Corporate Engagement Associate with excellent interpersonal skills and networking abilities to join our team. The individual will be responsible for building good relationships with prospective donors and clients across multiple sectors, communicating with the broader public and internal teams, delegating tasks, and drawing up plans to ensure annual targets are met.


You will be responsible for:

  • Conducting research on fundraising opportunities
  • Writing funding proposals and engaging with potential donors
  • Writing, submitting, and uploading reports as required
  • Preparing budgets
  • Coming up with creative ways to raise awareness about Disability & Neurodiversity
  • Implementing a variety of marketing strategies and promotional campaigns
  • Organizing and attending non-profit events and networking with relevant stakeholders
  • Establish & maintain good relationships with CSR divisions of Indian & Multi-National companies,  members of the public, and the media
  • Retaining current clients
  • Assist with implementation, monitoring, and assessment of  funded projects in urban and rural communities

The ideal candidate:

  • Passionate about working for a social cause and making a difference in the lives of persons with disabilities
  • Should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in commerce, Social work, or a related field (preferably a master’s degree)
  • Minimum 1-2 years of experience with writing proposals, resource utilization reports, project planning & budgeting
  • Sound knowledge of the development sector & Non-profit/NGO space in India
  • Sound knowledge of the disability sector
  • Existing connections with CSR divisions of leading Indian & multi-national  companies
  • Should have been directly responsible for raising funds in his/her previous organization
  • Excellent written, verbal, and telephonic communication skills
  • Well organized, proactive, and has the ability to inspire others

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